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Second and Third Work: Two Portraits of the Seated Angel
The Seated Angel playing the accordion appears to us in many colors and writings, making us feel as though he's one of us. He faces the same problems we face, such as overpopulation and visual pollution. As for the color of his skin, he greatly resembles the habitants of El Mansoura who are always very optimistic. This angel is more positive than his counterparts; he is involved in our lives, engages in them and is involved in solving problems. We try to attract him to the depth of our problems and to feel what we feel so that he provides an atmosphere of communication between us. Our views and beliefs are approximated.

The writings and phrases here are divided into one that is full of humane feelings criticizing oneself sometimes in a harsh manner and another in which he profiles incidents on the streets of Egypt with the numbers of buildings, street names, voting flyers and posted ads. The icons appear above or behind all the written phrases to explain the unstable environment of the streets today which includes contradictions filled with indications of the gap between the East and West, describing the interesting situations that go on in our daily lives.


the seated angel in the city (1), 145 x 195 cm, digital print, 2007.


the seated angel in the city (2), 145 x 195 cm, digital print, 2007.



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