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On My Way to Muenster
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Since years and I got used to travel by train to Muenster City, in North Rhine-Westphalia? in Germany in order to see my daughter who lives over there. I used to take the train from a small village near by my residence, Belen. My trip used to take an hour and most of the times i was taking the same train on the way back trip. My eyes caught several things inside and outside the train, I see faces, incidents, billboards and street Ads. whose some of sticks in my mind and became a very important sign to remember the trip as something from the west, and other things just passes away. One of the things stuck to my mind the digital information lighting board that shows the train's direction and the next stop, lifted in a very clear place in the train so that not to miss it and this is very usual in the west. Also, a big poster for a new perfume including a beautiful ads. girl semi naked, black and white hanged on all the train stops walls stuck to my mind.

The one hour trip was passing on my mind as time for memories from the east where I came from, to tell my daughter about or to compare between both societies the eastern and the western. In most of the times i used to reach Muenster and visit my daughter to spend the day with her without saying a lot about the east that i was planning to tell her about. I discovered that I didn't describe our eastern society and its people as i wanted to.

I found myself in the primary record stage in front of a huge number of photos, uncountable icons, showing the culture of eastern societies, like street selling traditions, conversations between people and handicrafts manufacturing, also the culture of walls and its decorations by posters or drawings or words, and the culture of the inner place ..... etc. All of which gathered in one frame which is hints from the east, beautifully consisted, unified color, and has no job link.

Each photo shows an individual case and not related to the others obviously, sometimes that photos are related to each other some other times there is contradiction between a photo and the other and most of them are different. I didn't use the face for one subject, nor using the street selling culture as an individual subject but I used so many subjects at the same time. First of all is to clarify "the memories state" for the east memories, where as a matter of fact I found myself dreaming and contradicting all what my camera catches and changing the photo by the modifications I make using the computer adding or removing something. So, the photos showed incidents, stories and people's faces with new graphical point of view, after modifications and adding to the primary photo.

In the second stage it was necessary to find new signs and, as I usually do referring to my mixed nature of the eastern and western culture. The digital information lighting board with its various signs comes from the west, and the western promo girl, laying semi naked, reflects the western culture, but they don't complete the memories idea alone. I'm the one who links the incidents together putting them in serial photos inside intential organization. I'm the mixture between the east and the west, and who's not?

I added the Romanian head looking to the incidents in all the photos facing the incidents in order to record, analyze it to say stories about later. The head doesn't have a specific role sometimes it appears clearly in the photo some other times it just appears as a shadow. A head that shares the eastern society trying to interact with and understand them, to feel what they feel from happiness and sadness.

Comes with the Romanian head with the western icon another head seeing the incidents with, but it's changed from one photo to another, it takes a fair situation in all the photos even people faces having a sight and interfere in the east that it didn't understand but nestologies from the history, like photos and incidents with eastern presence, not more than signs from the past negative sometimes and other times just beautiful, simple and innocent. It's photos from countries, sometimes the promo girl appears looking to the incident as a sign showing the and poverty. other times one sign is more than enough and describe it with strange photos about the west.
Between the Romanian Head sign interfering in the incidents looking to the face of the promo girl and the train information board showing the train direction to Muenster appears a white lighting line in all the photos, relates between the images making a relation between the presence and the memories as if it is the real express of my memories from the east.

Left & Right, 60 x 80 cm, digital print, 2008.
Jesus and Us, 60 x 80 cm, digital print, 2008.
Mermaid & Roman Violence, 60 x 80 cm, digital print, 2008.
Bahari glasses optician, 60 x 80 cm, digital print, 2008.


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